Shopping Blog

While baby daddy’s working Charles and I like to go shopping. I brought new gym wear to help keep me motivated as its my 3rd week at boxing. I can feel myself getting fitter and stronger each day. If you want to get fit fast join a boxing gym it’s so good for you! I am so proud of myself for going 4x a week. I felt like I needed to reward myself. With being a mum it’s so hard to reward yourself as we tend to forget about ourselves as our babies are our whole world and we only think about them. If you don’t want to feel bad then I suggest you do what I did and buy them stuff too. I ended up getting him more then me obviously..

I got my little bub winter clothes. Which he really needed. Cotton on kids & Peter Alexander have the cutest baby stuff!! Charles is growing so fast it’s so sad I’m already thinking about having another one ha ha I miss my small bubba.

Stay motivated my loves xo

Shopaholic Mumma.